NTS-Exposure - wastewater-based epidemiology | nts-exposure.eu
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The innovative wastewater-based epidemiology approach with the advances of high resolution mass spectrometry as a complementary biomonitoring tool for assessing the health status of a population (NTS-EXPOSURE)

Human biomonitoring (HBM) is a powerful tool used to evaluate a population’s exposure to toxicants. The data gathered is essential for assessing health impacts and supporting environmental and health policymaking in public health programmes. However, current HBM studies have limitations that need to be overcome through novel approaches.


The EU-funded NTS-EXPOSURE project therefore aims to develop screening analytical methods that will be able to detect new wastewater biomarkers and assess the collective consumption of or exposure to toxicants. To do this, it proposes a novel approach called wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) as an alternative biomonitoring tool. This work will help obtain vital information to inform authorities on community health status.